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I love this

Okay I’m like a huge fan of this app like omg I lovveeee it


E’s website and app is so slow and takes forever to load and gets stuck at every commercials where you have to reload and start the episode all over

Horrible :(

I love the shows on E! and try to watch on the app, but it’s always glitchy and I’m hardly able to watch the live stream anymore. I know it’s the app because I’m able to use other channel apps with no issue. Please improve the app and people would watch more often!

Full screen view

I’d like to see the videos on full screen on my iPhone XS


Ever since the new update my “captions” on videos pop up no matter what. Most apps I can just shut it off but E! Will not let me turn the captions off!! And it’s super glitchy and times out a lot when I watch shows

It’s A Great App

I love to use it because I can watch shows on the go when I’m not in front of my tv and it’s a really great app for me to relax in bed at night


Very glitchy Cc stays on all times Ad button won’t remove FF RW Functions stop working Must restart constantly


Every episode I watch has captions of every word they are saying how do I get that off , please help!

I hate the new ap

Just like KimK... all about them... not about the news

Where is the chromecast feature?!

The Chromecast feature does not work!!! Where is it? Please fix this!

Show won’t rotate

It will not go full screen

Too many commercials !!!


Someone got paid to make this?

Easily one of the worst apps I have. There are so many things that just don’t fit a users mental model and the functionality, and visibility of important functions like the tab bar is hidden! POOR UX!

Love it

I absolutely love this. Thank you for the free episodes, wish I could have more. I watched the Kardashian’s while exercising on my treadmill and it was so good. I even liked the commercials, because I learned a lot about the products that are out today. Five stars up!!! Thank you💥💥💥💥💥

Tv provider list not in order?!?!?!

Why is the provider list not in alphabetical order for the sign in process? It is a complete waste of time to go through that list of hundreds of providers to try and find the one you need!


For the past two days I’m unable to watch any videos. It says, “Sorry. Video playback error. Try again and if continues Contact us under the settings section on the app.” Well the Contact is is not responding and I still can’t watch any videos.


The ads are soo long I can go hike 30 miles and back before the ad is over the show are great but the ads are soo long

Login issues

Why do I have to login EVERY SINGLE TIME I WANT TO WAtCH. I had to login 4 time before it took today and I ALWAYS click remember me and it NEVER EVER DOES!

Needs Improvement

Seriously.. could only have a 3-day pass in the app but not online.. not worth it.. Can’t even watch in full screen with a 3-day pass.

I love it

Just downloaded the app but saw stop many people left bad reviews about having to sign in everyone they opened the app but for me it couldn't have been easier. A box popped up asking for permission to access my provider information that I had entered in to my iPad settings... Probably just a recent update but don't take the bad reviews too seriously

Need to improve streaming functionality!

Never works during “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” to stream live TV- definitely needs improvements!


I love this app but I have CC of and it just won’t go away I already tried deleting the app and no I haven’t even pushed CC and it’s still there fix it please


So glitchy. Have to log in every time and even then sometimes it won’t work. I’m so surprised that E can’t figure this out. It seems like they would want viewers. I pay for cable and still have a hard time watching my shows 🙄

So irritating!

I watch a couple of shows and I hate the fact that I have to log-in every time! 😡

So disappointed

I’ve been dying to use this app to catch up on all my favorite shows but it refuses to even play a single episode. I’ve logged in my tv provider multiple times and it still refuses to play.

Needs to be SmartCast capable.

Only downloaded this app to be able to watch E! Shows on my Vizio smart TV but it doesn’t work with SmartCast..... don’t know since the app is set up to work for chrome cast and airplay... Very upsetting


Why can’t i see anything my screen is blank and the time goes on and on ??

This App is Garbage

This app is absolute garbage. It freezes and won’t allow me to sign in with my provider. Did the developers even test this app before they released it?


Every time i go on to the app it doesn’t let me go full screen. It is not my phone because I can tilt my screen on any app and my home screen, but not the E! app. Even when i press the full screen button that comes with the app, nothing happens. I can’t enjoy the show.

Will NOT let me go full screen!

PLEASE fix this bug! The app will not let me go full screen on any of the shows! It’s so annoying and I don’t want to watch my shot verticals when the screen is soo tiny! Fix please!!!

Worth your while

Super easy to navigate and enjoy!

Knocks me off the app all the time.

Very glitchy- please fix it.

Full screen??

It will not let me watch anything in full screen mode. I keep clicking the button to make it full screen but it will not work. It is so annoying to try and watch a tv show on half of an iPhone 7 screen. Please fix this immediately.

Doesn’t work!

No play button! Can’t play videos! Only pause button visible.

Not everyone has a tv provider!

Not everyone has a tv provider. It's ridiculous that there is no other option to use this app!

Always buffering

I would be watching a show and in the first 30 minutes of the show it’s 100% fun but after the first 30 minutes it buffers constantly and theirs no way to fix the buffering.

Terrible live tv

If I could give this app 0 stars I would. It never loads. I’m almost never able to watch live tv. Constantly freezes. The app itself seems confused. It’s needs to be updated badly.

Everything was fine until...

....the excessive commercials...it through me off big time....


This app is just terrible. I’ve used the 3 episode trial just by trying to watch 1 episode. Not even 10 mins in & it keeps freezing, I can’t turn the screen sideways so whenever I have to close it just to open the episode again it used up all of the free trial. It makes you not even want to waste your time watching their shows, there are so many better apps out there. You would think with the amount of money E! makes they would have a better app 🙃 DELETE!

I just need help

Love this app but the captions will not go away and it’s driving me crazy

Store TV login like everyone else

I’d really prefer to not have to sign into my service providers account every single morning when I use the app.

Not a great App

I downloaded the app to cast live TV. Every time I try to watch a show it pauses every 10 min and the whole things shuts down. Extremely frustrating and not worth it.

Casting doesn’t work

Casting commonly stops working, and the live show name is constantly wrong

The closed caption

When I try to turn off the captions…the words don’t go away. I need help


You’d think they’d want people to want to watch content on their app, instead you have to log in every time and the commercial breaks feel like they are every 2 minutes and last longer than an eternity. Not worth it, shows aren’t that good to wait through 5 minutes of commercials (that you can’t even skip...) Also. You’d think if you’re watching a show and have to stop because life gets in the way that the app might save your spot, answer: NOPE. Never saves from the same spot so I have to try and remember where I’m at in the episode each time so that when I want to pick up where I left off last time, I’m screwed if I don’t remember. Thanks E! for the second rate mobile app.

Cut out the forced to view commercials!!!

E, you have to cut back on the commercials...it makes viewing any shows painful. I just downloaded the app. As an example, Go to YouTube model where u only have to watch 5 sec of commercial then u skip. Or use the Hulu model and pay an extra $3 per month to avoid commercials. Otherwise I will tell others how poor this model is to view.

Forget watching anything live

This is the only app that I have issues with. I watch most of my TV online and all of them seem to be fine except for easy! Sometimes I can’t even get two minutes in before it pauses and then I have to sit there and fix the connection which includes starting the app, restarting the app. Please fix this issue.

Needs improvements

I’m currently using the app to watch one or two shows. It’s very inconvenient that I have to log in with my Dish Network credentials every single time I want to watch something on the app. Even if I click ‘Remember Me’ after typing in my Dish credentials, I still have to sign in every single time I open the app. You’d think that you would only have to sign in once and then it would keep you logged in on that device. Hopefully they fix this soon. I also don’t understand why they don’t make all seasons of a show available to watch. I’d like to see the previous seasons of Total Bellas but they only have the current one listed.


Very difficult to watch an episode if you have to stop half way through. It won’t remember where you were. I would have to watch so many commercials while trying to figure out where I left off trying to fast forward. Very frustrating.

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