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Not everyone has a tv provider!

Not everyone has a tv provider. It's ridiculous that there is no other option to use this app!

Always buffering

I would be watching a show and in the first 30 minutes of the show it’s 100% fun but after the first 30 minutes it buffers constantly and theirs no way to fix the buffering.

Terrible live tv

If I could give this app 0 stars I would. It never loads. I’m almost never able to watch live tv. Constantly freezes. The app itself seems confused. It’s needs to be updated badly.

Everything was fine until...

....the excessive commercials...it through me off big time....


This app is just terrible. I’ve used the 3 episode trial just by trying to watch 1 episode. Not even 10 mins in & it keeps freezing, I can’t turn the screen sideways so whenever I have to close it just to open the episode again it used up all of the free trial. It makes you not even want to waste your time watching their shows, there are so many better apps out there. You would think with the amount of money E! makes they would have a better app 🙃 DELETE!

I just need help

Love this app but the captions will not go away and it’s driving me crazy

Store TV login like everyone else

I’d really prefer to not have to sign into my service providers account every single morning when I use the app.

Not a great App

I downloaded the app to cast live TV. Every time I try to watch a show it pauses every 10 min and the whole things shuts down. Extremely frustrating and not worth it.

Casting doesn’t work

Casting commonly stops working, and the live show name is constantly wrong

The closed caption

When I try to turn off the captions…the words don’t go away. I need help


You’d think they’d want people to want to watch content on their app, instead you have to log in every time and the commercial breaks feel like they are every 2 minutes and last longer than an eternity. Not worth it, shows aren’t that good to wait through 5 minutes of commercials (that you can’t even skip...) Also. You’d think if you’re watching a show and have to stop because life gets in the way that the app might save your spot, answer: NOPE. Never saves from the same spot so I have to try and remember where I’m at in the episode each time so that when I want to pick up where I left off last time, I’m screwed if I don’t remember. Thanks E! for the second rate mobile app.

Cut out the forced to view commercials!!!

E, you have to cut back on the commercials...it makes viewing any shows painful. I just downloaded the app. As an example, Go to YouTube model where u only have to watch 5 sec of commercial then u skip. Or use the Hulu model and pay an extra $3 per month to avoid commercials. Otherwise I will tell others how poor this model is to view.

Forget watching anything live

This is the only app that I have issues with. I watch most of my TV online and all of them seem to be fine except for easy! Sometimes I can’t even get two minutes in before it pauses and then I have to sit there and fix the connection which includes starting the app, restarting the app. Please fix this issue.

Needs improvements

I’m currently using the app to watch one or two shows. It’s very inconvenient that I have to log in with my Dish Network credentials every single time I want to watch something on the app. Even if I click ‘Remember Me’ after typing in my Dish credentials, I still have to sign in every single time I open the app. You’d think that you would only have to sign in once and then it would keep you logged in on that device. Hopefully they fix this soon. I also don’t understand why they don’t make all seasons of a show available to watch. I’d like to see the previous seasons of Total Bellas but they only have the current one listed.


Very difficult to watch an episode if you have to stop half way through. It won’t remember where you were. I would have to watch so many commercials while trying to figure out where I left off trying to fast forward. Very frustrating.

Absolutely terrible

This app is so laggy for me, it pauses and buffers every 2 minutes, and when it’s done, it’s so blurry you can’t tell what’s going on. And then it just keeps going on and on.

Keeps crashing!

Everything screws it up, rewind, fast forward, pause and play, you can’t go get a freaking Diet Coke or go pee without having to rewatch from the beginning, fast forward, and rewatch all 15 minutes of commercials again just to see the last five minutes of the show. It’s a conspiracy. There’s nothing wrong with my internet or the app, they just want you to watch Jurassic Park trailers over and over and over until you want to gouge your eyes out. This is why people steal movies and shows off their internet sources. It’s freaking 2018, robots are cooking and driving cars, figure out how to make a tv app work without crashing! No excuses!


Can't ever get picture either on phone or Apple TV.


I don’t know how else to let E know that their app has had a major glitch for a while. Every time I go to sign in to watch an episode, the login screen will not load. I’ve tried getting off of WiFi, closing the app, and redownloading the app and it still won’t fix. I would imagine this has to do with one of the updates they’ve had since it used to work before. I love this app but it’s useless to me if I can’t login!

Needs some updates

I was going to watch a show and I didn’t know the tv provider and was waiting on my mom. I did the 3 free episodes and and didn’t even let me watch any of them. I thought I just needed to sign in, I signed in and everything was correct but none of the episodes would load or play. We even called to make sure. I got very frustrated with the app because, I un downloaded this app and tried again still didn’t work. Refreshing and refreshing nothing worked. I really need to catch up! Please fix it!


Your app is the worst. I just downloaded it to catch up on my latest shows, but now I’ll be deleting it. I can wait until it’s available elsewhere.

Overrides music and podcasts

Ridiculous that Spotify and podcasts will stop when this app is opened. There should be an option to not listen to their silence that seems to override anything else that you’re listening to on your phone.


E! Has a great brand but this app is unorganized and very glitchy. Whenever I log onto the app I have to search for my favorite shows to watch. The shows are never in order and I have to go through and figure out which ones I have seen and which ones I haven’t. Not only that but the shows that I have already seen parts of the app does not always remember. I just wish the app was more organized so I knew what I had seen and I can pick out my favorite shows and have all the episodes organized.


I hope total Bella’s and total divas is on here

So buggy

So buggy and glitchy


I have cox cable and have absolutely no problems signing on to other tv apps like a Travel Channel and HGTV and TNT but I could not sign in to this app. Then it said I could watch 3 shows for free. So I signed on, watched 1 episode and when I signed on again after taking a quick break, I got a message saying that my free "trial" ended because I watched all 3 shows!! How the Hell did I do that in 40 minutes? I watched 1. Show PERIOD! I have had nothing but a problems since downloading this thing. I'm uninstalling this off my iPad and when I get home. I'll wait for reruns on Bravo or YouTube before I waste anymore time on "E"


Why won’t it work!?!? Every time I try and watch something it says that there are issues and to contact help!!! It has been like that for a few months now!!!!


Hurry up and download this app today if you're in a rush to watch ads and commercials all day. This is ridiculous. Bye bye e!

Apple TV Fail

Downloaded this app to my Apple TV. Tried to activate it with my cable provider (something I’ve done successfully 20+ other times). But this one refused to activate. After 6 tries I gave up and decided to write this Fail review instead.

2/3 episodes

I have this app downloaded on my Amazon firestick. Every episode I watch stops working after 2/3 of the episode. Like clockwork, a pop up will come up mid-episode telling me the program experienced an error. I try to escape the episode and go back in, but it happens again at the same exact point. Every. Single. Time.


Definitely has a lot of glitches I can’t even cast any of the shows. Which is unfortunate other than that it’s fine.

Not what I expected

You can’t watch all of the shows in the series? Wasn’t expecting that


Terrible app....it does not load no matter what you do fix it


This app is extremely frustrating to use. I can never watch my shows because the initial ads before my show and my show never buffers to actually see an episode. Tested this out on my MacBook, Apple TV and iPhone. All having the same issue.


This is the most frustrating app I’ve ever used! I watch 5 mins of opening commercials and the nothing, seriously black screen. I’ve uninstalled it twice and this will be the last time...fingers crossed!


I haven’t been able to watch anything because it keeps saying playback error?

I don’t like it that much

Why can’t you just sign up so am just going to give it one star

Needs improvements

I play this from my chrome cast and can only watch one episode at a time before the app freezes and stay on the chrome cast even after app has been closed.

App issues

The app won’t let me open it at times, shuts off sporadically, and continues to show closed captions even when my closed caption is turned off! I love the shows when I’m able to watch them through the app ..but hate these glitches! :/ Please fix..


This app is from one of the most viewed TV channels and they have some of the most boujee shows. They need to work on their app ASAP. It’s slow and sluggish and rewinding is a huge PAIN!!! God forbid you pause the show for more than 10 minutes.. it’ll restart again. How do you expect me to keep up with my Kardashian Fam?????


Great but hate that I have to sign in every time I open the app

I got this because I don’t have cable

Awful and useless

Great But

I like this app but I don’t like the ads I wish they can get rid of the stupid ads they’re so annoying🙄 I hope they can get rid of it


Fix crashes. Every time I go to watch a show, the screen goes blank before the app closes.

Pretty good

The quality is consistently terrible. I do love the convenience of the show but the quality and the amount of ads can ruin it.

Not working

Not working on my iphone 8plus!! Tried to restart my phone. Redownload this app. Its just not working. Very annoying!!!

Love it but

I love this app because I don’t have time to watch tv & E!now I can catch up anytime a day but one thing I loose my patience on is when it logs me out from my cable provider & when I try to sign back in I put the provider it takes way too long to load for the 2nd step which is entering the user & password. Really need improve the speed in this app.

I enjoyed the app

I had no problem with this app what so ever. I only came to watch a few episodes because I got behind and while there is a lot of ads I think they space them out great and keep them short.

Doesn’t work

I can’t freaking log in on my iPhone, computer, or even Apple TV- this app DOES NOT WORK

Separate package

Honestly there should be a way to pay for this app without having to have cable. It’s 2018 and the fact that that is not yet an option is a little ridiculous

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